Getting Started

Everybody wants to be more active, but the problem is often getting started! But in reading this you’ve taken the first step towards a more active lifestyle …

Being active doesn't have to be about pumping iron or running for miles. There are lots of ways to be active which are more appealing and that can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Remember how great you felt after a brisk walk on a crisp, sunny winter’s day? The feeling of mastering that tennis serve and shooting your first ace? Or the relaxation of dipping into a cool pool after a stressful day at work? Is any of this ringing a bell? If not, you may be missing out on some of the pleasures of being active.

Now that you have decided that you want to be more physically active, there are a few points to think about. Apart from improving your physical and mental wellbeing, what else do you want to get out of being active?

Do you want to:

• Make your daily life more energetic?
• Be indoors or out?
• Meet new people?
• Do a group or individual activity?
• Try a new sport?

Whatever it may be, there is an activity out there to suit everyone. It could be anything from walking, belly dancing, netball to going to the gym. And Reactivate is here to help you find it! 

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