What is the role of the Workplace Champion?

The key role of the workplace champion is to drive forward the Workplace Challenge. As with all projects, the Challenge needs someone to take responsibility for achieving its objectives. 

Key roles and responsibilities of the workplace champion include:

1. Act as main contact for anything related to the Reactivate Bucks Workplace Challenge
2. Identify a group of key individuals within the organisation to help support the Challenge
3. Drive forward the delivery of the Challenge
4. Provide monitoring information to funders as required

How much time is required to complete the Challenge?

It is estimated that the Workplace Champion and support group would need to commit one hour each a week to effectively implement the Challenge. It is hoped that the workforce to which the Challenge is directed towards would then dedicated some time to being active, either outside of work or within the workplace during lunch breaks etc. 

How much does it cost to take part in the Challenge?

It is FREE for businesses to get involved in the Challenge – this includes all the support offered to them from Bucks Sport i.e. access to a designated support officer. There may be a cost to the company in allowing the Workplace Champion time off their normal working duties to implement the Challenge (although with only one hour a week this should be minimal). There may be some cost attached to setting up and implementing new work based activities (i.e. to hire a sports coach or activity leader) – such costs may be covered by the organisation or alternatively your designated support officer can work with the workplace champion to source external funding.

How do you identify a Workplace Champion?

The Workplace Champion could be anybody within your organisation who is enthusiastic and passionate about workplace health. It may be somebody from, for example occupational health, who has a remit within their role to improve workplace health. Alternatively it may be somebody who just has a personal interest and desire to help others get more active. The most important incentive to encourage somebody to take on the role, is to ensure that they are given time off their normal working duties to dedicate at least one hour a week to the role. 

What training will the Workplace Champion receive?

If there are sufficient numbers of Workplace Champions who require training, then this will be delivered through a group training workshop. If there is only one Champion who requires training or if the Champion is unable to attend the group training, then the training will be delivered as a one to one meeting between the Champion and their support officer. The training will provide an opportunity to explain in detail the Challenge, give the Champion plenty of ideas for implementing the Challenge and for the Champion to ask questions on anything he/she may be unsure about.

How is the Workplace Challenge monitored?

Monitoring of the Reactivate Bucks Workplace Challenge is required in three areas:

1. Activity logs - every employee who actively decides to take part in the Workplace Challenge should be encouraged to complete a daily activity log

2. Registers and participant registration forms – at every new regular work based activity that is established, a weekly register of participants should be completed, and each participant will be required to complete a participant registration form at their first session (forms available for download via the Resources section of this website) 

3. Portfolio of evidence - workplaces will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence to show how they have achieved the Challenge

If you feel your question still hasn’t been answered on this page, please feel free to contact us on 01296 585215 or e-mail info@buckssport.org

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