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Project SponsorBank

Type: Project
Funding available: Various
Focus: Sports Clubs, Schools and Community Based Organisations
Funding Cycle: Ongoing

SponsorBank was set up with the sole intention of supporting and assisting grass roots sports clubs, schools and other community based organisations.
If you are involved in football, rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics or any other sport, then the Sponsorbank website will help you......

In addition to providing support to clubs, we also specialise in assisting those who are considering promoting their company or brand through sponsorship.

SponsorBank work in several key areas:

1 The supply of quality sports kit, equipment and coaching to your sports club or school.
This can be achieved by SponsorBank securing funding from sponsors and assisting in other funding applications for YOUR organisation.

2 FREE expert advice and assistance on a huge range of available funding.
We will advise you, completely free of charge, as to what grants and funding may be available to your organisation. Whether you are a sports club, school, scout group or other community based organisation, we can help. SponsorBank will ensure that you have everything in place, which ensures your best possible chance of success...

3 FREE advice and assistance in reducing overheads on existing services such as telephone, gas, electricity, internet and mobile phones.
Not only can this save your club or school many hundreds of pounds a year, but also generate hundereds of

4 Providing support to potential sponsors and ensuring sponsorship objectives are met.
We help to secure viable sponsorship opportunities within grass roots organisations and ensure that the sponsors objectives are met if not exceeded. We can also assist in enhancing a companies Corporate Social Responsibility policy and build long term, sustainable partnerships.

5 Assisting companies to reduce the cost of their sponsorship.
No marketing or sponsorship budget - no problem! We can help all businesses,large or small, new or existing, to generate a sponsorship fund to promote their business or brand. SponsorBank not only helps you market your business, but finds the money for you to do it - for free.

6 Providing income generation opportunities
We have a number of tools which can be used to generate much needed income for your organisation. All of these tools have been tried and tested with huge success.


A:SponsorBank Ltd, Unit 11, Hugh Business Park, Bacup Road, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 7BT T: 0845 330 2117 F: 0845 330 2118 W: ££'s worth of free sports kit and equipment. Unlike any other providers, we are able to use the commissions generated from the suppliers (Orange, Vodafone, British Gas, Powergen etc.) to provide you with further financial

How to apply: To register your sports club or organisation visit


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