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Project Comic Relief - Sport for Change

Type: Project
Funding available: Up to £100,000
Focus: Community groups and organisations using sport as part of a broader programme of work to bring about change at an individual and /or community level.
Funding Cycle: Bi-monthly - deadline for next cycle is 3rd September

Sport for Change

1. Background

Since 2002, we have funded a range of sports-based projects exploring how sport can be used to bring about positive change. Work has included looking at how sport can help to tackle conflict in communities, as well as bringing improvements to the lives of people who are isolated or excluded. While sport alone will never be the solution to poverty, it can work in conjunction with broader community programmes to bring about changes such as increased engagement and a reduction in isolation.

We have developed this new programme to support a range of innovative projects that are using sport as a tool for making a real difference in the communities in which they are based.

  1. Over recent years there has been a growth in the number of agencies thinking about the positive role sport can play in our lives.
  2. As well as the more obvious health and participation benefits, there has been growing awareness of the broader social, emotional and cohesion opportunities that sport can bring. Comic Relief is interested in these benefits from sport, rather than any health or participatory benefits.
  3. The 2012 Olympics have also helped put ‘sport for good’ onto the public agenda.

2. Aim of the Programme

The aim of this programme is to understand more about how sport can play a part in delivering positive change within the lives of individuals and communities, and to meet one or more of the outcomes listed below.

We also want to understand:

Examples of social issues or community concerns could include substance use, crime related problems, integration, exclusion of older people, community cohesion, gangs or knife crime, mental health, and young people at risk. These are examples only and we welcome applications for work tackling any social issue so long as the need for the work is clearly explained.

  • how sport can be used as part of a broader programme to achieve a measurable social change
  • how basing the work in community development principles can increase the impact of the work
  • the different monitoring and evaluation systems being used to track change.
The priorities are:
  • Disadvantaged people, increasing inclusion and well-being
  • Increasing community involvement
  • Increasing knowledge of how sport can be used as a tool for social change.

3. Outcomes

The organisations we fund will need to show how their work will help deliver one or more of the following outcomes

4. Who will we fund?

We welcome applications from community groups and organisations using sport as part of a broader programme of work to bring about change at an individual and /or community level. We particularly want to fund organisations working to support people from BME communities, older people and women/girls. We also want to receive applications from all parts of the UK – from Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. We will fund across all age ranges and within a broad range of communities.

We are happy to receive applications from consortia of agencies as long as there is a lead community-based organisation.

5. Other Important Information

This programme aims to fund projects that are using sport as a tool for social change. We are therefore especially interested in seeing a clear programme of work that supports the sporting activities, and thus we cannot fund:

The maximum grant size in this programme is £100,000 in total.

If you would like to talk to us about whether your work meets our criteria please ring us for a chat: 020 7820 5555

How to Apply: Our next grant making cycle is open in September 2013. You will then be able to access the expression of interest form so that you can begin your application. Please do not send electronic or hard copies as these cannot be accepted.

Full Proposal: If your application is chosen for further consideration you will be invited to submit a full proposal, again on-line. We are usually able to let you know the outcome of your expression of interest within 3-4 weeks of the cycle deadline. You will then have 3-4 weeks to submit your second stage applic

UK Grants Team
t: 020 7820 5555
a: Comic Relief, 5th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP

How to Apply:
Please click here to visit the website for more information.

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